About Journal

Journal of Advances in Computer Research has been published since 1389 (2010) to extend research works in computer engineering and to enhance scientific collaboration nationwide and to publish the research findings in English in the following fields:

  • Software Engineering
    • Software Engineering Technologies
    • Software Engineering and Formal Methods
    • Software Architecture and Web Engineering
    • Software Test and Evaluation
    • Software Development Methodologies
    • Functional and Analytical Data Base
    • Information Security and Software Systems Security
    • Theory of Computation, Special Issue in Software Engineering
    • Distributed Software Engineering


And other related issues


v Artificial Intelligence

  • Soft Computation, Signal and Sound Processing
  • Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Special Issues in Intelligent Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence and Learning
  • Machine Vision and Image Processing
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Bioinformatics, Neural Network

And other related issues


  • Computer Architecture
    • Modeling and Evaluation of Computer Systems' Performance
    • Integrated Circuits in Large Scales
    • Immediate Systems, Configurable Systems
    • Newfound Technologies
    • Special Issues in Digital Systems
    • Reliability
    • Testing and Fault Tolerance
    • Parallel Systems' Architecture
    • Wireless and Mobile Networks

And other related issues

  Information Technology

  • Computer Networks
  • Information Technology Management, E- commerce
  • Transportation Systems and Intelligent Communications
  • Internet Computations
  • Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems
  • Modeling and Evaluation of Computer Networks' Performance
  • Special Issue in Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Distance Learning
  • Data Transmission
  • Computer Networks' Security
  • Human-Oriented Computational Systems
  • Information Architecture, Knowledge Management

And other related issues


This quarterly journal has achieved the following license numbers 1653/89, 23/12/89, 16/7/90 from Ministry of Culture & Islamic Guidance, Vice Chancellor for Research & Technology in Islamic Azad University, and Islamic World Science Citation Center respectively.

Journal of Advances in Computer Research publishes quarterly and all the manuscripts can be submitted through jacr.iausari.ac.ir 

All the manuscripts are peer reviewed and would be in press after possible acceptance. The accepted manuscripts will be published electronically first and then through the journal proceedings.

The editorial board and the journal directors select the reviewers. All the reviewers are prominent and experienced university lecturers with excellent research works.  

The corresponding author should also nominate three reviewers (the reviewers should be assistant professors and above).

Journal of Advances in Computer Research is published with collaboration of Computer Society of Iran that achieved ranking of A from ministry of science, research, and technology.

Journal of Advances in Computer Research welcomes national and international authors. The proceedings will be sent to all national valid scientific centers. The publication is free of charge.

The initial review process takes one week and the main peer review takes 2 months. 

مجوز علمی پژوهشی از دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی Science-Research license from Islamic Azad University

Acceptance Rate: 28%