A Multi-Objective Decision-Based Solution for Facility Location-Allocation Problem Using Cuckoo Search And Genetic Algorithms

Document Type : Original Manuscript


Department of Computer Engineering, Miyaneh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Miyaneh, Iran


Considering the significant advancements in autonomous vehicle technology, research in this field is of interest to researchers. To automatic parking, controlling steer angle, gas hatch, and brakes need to be learned. Due to the increase in the number of cars and road traffic, car parking space has decreased. Its main reason is information error. Because the driver does not receive the necessary information or receives it too late, he cannot take appropriate action against it. This paper uses two phases: the first phase, for goal coordination, was used genetic algorithms and the Cuckoo search algorithm was used to increase driver information from the surroundings. Using the Cuckoo search algorithm and considering the limitations, it increases the driver’s level of information from the environment. Also, by exchanging information through the application, it enables the information to reach the driver much more quickly and the driver reacts appropriately at the right time. The suggested protocol is called the multi-objective decision-based solution (MODM)-based solution. Here, the technique is assessed through extensive simulations performed in the NS-3 environment. Based on the simulation outcomes, it is indicated that the parking system performance metrics are enhanced based on the detection rate, false-negative rate, and false-positive rate.


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