Non-Blocking Routers Design Based on West First Routing Algorithm & MZI Switches for Photonic NoC

Document Type : Original Manuscript


Faculty of Computer Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Isfahan, Iran


For the first time, the 4- and 5-port optical routers are designed by using the West First routing algorithm for use in optical network on chip. The use of the WF algorithm has made the designed routers to provide non-blocking routing in photonic network on chip. These routers not only are based on high speed Mach-Zehnder switches(Which have a higher bandwidth and more thermal tolerance than microring resonator switches), but also are more flexible than the XY algorithm based routers. these routers are capable of routing with the speed of 20 Gb/s. In the design of the routers, the least number of switching elements and waveguide crossings has improved the optical network on chip evaluation parameters. The results of the simulation show that all of the evaluation parameters such as: insertion loss, bit error ratio(BER), power budget, quality factor and eye diagrams are in an acceptable range, and the proposed routers are appropriate for use in optical network on chip.


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