A New Dynamic Clustering Control Method in Wireless Sensor Networks



1 Young Researchers and Elite Club, Yasooj Branch/ Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, Iran

2 Department of Computer Engineering, Khormooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khormooj, Iran

3 Young Researchers and Elite Club, Nourabad Mamasani Branch, Islamic Azad University, Nourabad Mamasani, Iran

4 Department of Computer Engineering, Yasooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, Iran

5 Sama Technical and Vocational Training College/ Azad University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are composed of many low cost, low power devices with sensing, local processing and wireless communication capabilities. Clustering is a useful topology-management approach to improve lifetime and reduce the energy consumption in wireless sensor networks. In this paper we have proposed a new dynamic clustering method (NDCM) where clusters are created periodically and cluster head (CH) is selected based on threshold function. Unlike the LEACH protocol that clustering are static and cluster head number is fixed in the entire scenario, CHs in our method distributed in Land dimensions and the number of cluster can be dynamically adjusted based on the number of nodes. The simulation was performed in MATLAB software and it was compared with LEACH, LEACH-C, O-LEACH, LEACH-B, M-LEACH, V-LEACH AND W-LEACH algorithms. The simulation results show that proposed method have been reduced energy conservation and enhancement of network lifetime comparing with LEACH algorithm. Coverage of the number of clusters in proposed method is shown too. The results showed that in a test network life of leach protocol was 1100 rounds, whereas network life of proposed method was 3100 rounds.