A High Performance and Secure Way to Time Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Network



Department Of Computer Engineering, Rafsanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rafsanjan, Iran


Time synchronization protocols, because of having many applications in WSN have been highly regarded. Thesynchronization protocols which act in a distributed way and globally have been more considered. In addition, these algorithms are improving toward becoming secure and having a high applicability. This article presents the proposed algorithm with respect malicious nodes to provide a secure distributed and global time synchronization protocol. Methods of encryption, authentication and hashing don’t have a high performance because of high overhead for the synchronization. In this proposed algorithm the previously used methods, like authentication and encryption are not used, but instead the algorithm by applying mechanisms within itself takes into account the corrupted and malicious nodes and does the time synchronization in a distributed way and globally. Finally, the gained results of the simulation in terms of the deviation average of the standard criterion, the time and computational and memory overheads are considered and the applicability of the proposed algorithm will be realized.