SDN-based Defending Against ARP Poisoning Attack



Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In the field of computer networks, the introduction of SDN has been associated with new concepts. In SDN networks, control plane is separated from the data palne. Traditional networks suffer from difficult configuration and management. In other words, a change in the network needs to be configured on the whole equipment. With the introduction of SDN, various modules can be designed and run in controller in order to perform expected policies and rules on all switches. One of the areas of network management is to deal with cyber-attacks. In SDN networks, security modules can be designed to run in the controller and generate rules on switches. Due to the importance of intranets, this paper aimed to detect and prevent ARP poisoning attack on LAN. The tests in a LAN showed that the module can detect the ARP poisoning attack and block the attacker operation.