An Improved W-LEACH Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network



1 Department of Computer Engineering, Yasooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, Iran

2 Young Researchers and Elite Club, Yasooj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Yasooj, Iran


Energy is one of the most important criteria in wireless sensor networks. To extend the lifetime and coverage in these networks, researchers are always looking for ways that they can reduce the energy consumption of sensor nodes. Clustering methods sensor nodes is one of the best ways that can significantly increase the lifetime of the network. The hierarchical clustering protocols will have a more effective role. In this protocols, how to build a cluster, the cluster and data transmission methods, including issues that have a significant role in energy consumption. Hence, this paper, we study the reduction of energy consumption Wireless Sensor Networks one of the following methods called W-LEACH focused and to improve the algorithm equation suggests that the density of nodes in each round clustering is used in a more effective way. Simulation of MATLAB environment, shows that the proposed method than other methods such as LEACH, DE-LEACH, LEACH-C, L-LEACH, W-LEACH is able to increase network lifetime and energy consumption of sensor nodes be less.