An Efficient Routing Algorithm to Lifetime Expansion in Wireless Sensor Networks

Document Type : Original Manuscript


1 University of Applied Science & Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Sina Bank, Tehran, Iran


This paper proposes an efficient network architecture to improve energy consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). The proposed architecture uses a mobile data collector to a partitioned network. The mobile data collector moves to center of each logical partition after each decision period. The mobile data collector must declare its new location by packet broadcasting to all sensor nodes. However, packet broadcasting leads to increase in the network congestion as well as the network energy consumption. In this regard, this paper proposes an efficient routing algorithm to control number of packets broadcasting. The proposed algorithm declares the mobile data collector new location to sensor nodes within a special area. Special area has been considered around of the mobile data collector. Therefore, the proposed routing algorithm does not permit packets reaching to this special area. Indeed, the proposed algorithm directs data toward the mobile data collector by boundary sensor nodes. In fact, the proposed algorithm considers sensor nodes within special area have more traffic and energy consumption than other sensor nodes. Simulation results that have been implemented in ns-2 show the proposed algorithm increases the network lifetime as well as the sensor nodes energy consumption balancing.