An Efficient Fault-Tolerance Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks



1 Department of Computer Engineering, Aligudarz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Aligudarz, Iran

2 University of Applied Science& Technology (UAST), Tehran ,Iran


In this paper, an efficient fault-tolerant routing algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) is presented. The proposed algorithm increases the network fault-tolerance using natural redundancy of Ad-hoc networks. This algorithm is carried out in two stages; 1) the selection of backup nodes 2) the selection of backup route(s). In the first stage, the proposed algorithm chooses nodes with the same path as backup nodes. Prediction and diagnosis of nodes` paths is performed through backup tables. Since the selection of backup nodes is fulfilled, the proposed algorithm begins fault-tolerance routing. For this purpose, initially the proposed algorithm provides the main route between each pair of source & destination nodes based on DSR routing algorithm. Then, from a destination node towards a source node, the backup route(s) is established between the chosen backup nodes in the first stage. Experimental results taken from NS-2 simulator demonstrate that in comparison with previous methods the proposed increases; 1) 10% the package delivery ratio against the percentages of faulty nodes and, 2) 22% package delivery ratio against the pause time of various mobile nodes.