Fault-tolerance Enhancement in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using Backup Nodes



1 Department Of Computer Engineering, Aligudarz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Aligudarz, Iran

2 University Of Applied Science& Technology (UAST), Tehran ,Iran


Due to limitations in computing resources of mobile nodes, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are very fault-prone. So far, redundancy at different levels of the network has been considered an efficient strategy to enhance the fault-tolerance of networks. Indeed, ad-hoc networks are extremely redundant; therefore, natural redundancy to fault tolerance enhancement has a great impact on the network performance. In this paper, a fault tolerant algorithm for MANETs has been proposed that by assigning backup node(s) to each node tries to increase in fault-tolerance. For this reason, the proposed algorithm chooses the backup nodes from among those nodes having the same movement route. The nodes movement route can be determined or predicted through the backup nodes table. Choosing backup nodes is done based on the time of nodes adjacency. Experimental results taken from NS-2 simulator indicated that in comparison to other algorithms, the proposed algorithm increases by 1) the package delivery rate in relation to the percentage of fault, and 2) the package delivery rate in relation to various mobile nodes` pause time.