Evaluation of reliability of object-oriented systems based on Cohesion and Coupling Fuzzy computing



Department of Computer Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran


The increasing of software’s quality is a significant issue that attracts the attention of many researchers in this field. They are looking for a modeling that meets the users trust and reliance on software. Therefore, the demand for high reliability software development has been increased as well. Having suitable design, increasing reliability is required. Coupling and cohesion are of among divide and conquer designs that by having useful choices, the complexity of software can be reduced. In this paper, the reliability, as an important quality parameter, will be evaluated with applying an approach based on fuzzy computing of cohesion and coupling. Of among other approaches, coupling and cohesion fuzzy computing are more accurate and focus on Myers Model. Since the rate of coupling and cohesion has impact on any non-Functional factors, the approach helps software engineering to calculate quality parameters with metrics and coefficient of accuracy. The policy system of premium of disable people, as the case study, has been chosen to show in object oriented system, how coupling and cohesion relations can be analyzed.