RISE Feedback Control Design for RLED Robot Manipulator Using Bees Algorithm



Electrical and computer engineering, Noshirvani University of Technology, Babol ,Iran


In this paper, a Robust Integral of the Sign Error (RISE) feedback controller is designed for a Rigid-Link Electrically Driven (RLED) robot manipulator actuated by direct current DC motor in presence of parametric uncertainties and additive disturbances. RISE feedback with implicitly learning capability is a continuous control method based on the Lyapunov stability analysis to compensate an additive bounded disturbance and linear in the parametric (LP) and non-linear in parametric (non-LP) uncertain dynamics through the use of a sufficiently large gain multiplied by an integral signum term. A proper selection of controller gains in predefined permitted areas for gains leads to reduce convergence time, control effort and improve the performance. The Bees Algorithm that is a search procedure inspired by the foraging behaviour of honey bees is used to tune the parameters of the controller to achieve the convergence. The performance of the proposed controller is compared with a PD and neural network based controllers. Simulation results of a two Rigid-Link Electrically-Driven Robot Manipulator show the advantages of the proposed controller in terms of the transient and steady state performances in comparison with some conventional controllers.