A Routing Algorithm based on Fuzzy Clustering and Minimum Cost Tree (FCMCT) in Wireless Sensor Network



Faculty of Computer and Information Technology Engineering,Qazvin Branch,Islamic Azad University,Qazvin,Iran


Nowadays, wireless sensor network has been of interest to investigators and the greatest challenge in this part is the limited energy of sensors. Sensors usually are in the harsh environments and transit in these environments is hard and impossible and moreover the nodes use non- replaceable batteries. Because of this, saving energy is very important. In this paper we tried to decrease hard and complex computing with using soft computing such as fuzzy logic and we used it in cluster head selection part. Hard and complex computing can waist energy, because of this, we used some techniques to solve this problem. Minimum cost tree (MCT) helps to find minimum path, so we used this technique for intra cluster routing and again more over we used distributed source coding (DSC) technique for aggregating data. Finally all of methods could reduce energy consumption and increased network lifetime. Proposed algorithm is called FCMCT and simulation and results show improvement.