Improving Reliability through Selecting Data in Grid Distributed System and Comparing it with Other Presented Algorithms



Sama Technical and Vocational Training College, Islamic Azad University, Mahshahr, Branch Mahshahr, Iran


In the past, one of the biggest problems requiring long and complicated computing was lack of appropriate software and hardware facilities in order to compute them in a proper and logical time. Due to this issue, sometimes, computing lasted for several days, months or years. Therefore, computer science pioneers tried to find a solution for this problem. One of the ways was to present Grid computing. In order to present high-quality service, Grid integrated separate organizations, and represented virtual organization. In this study, we improved reliability by using iteration feature as well as distributing and duplicating resources. We considered and used the first nearest resource of the second nearest resource for duplication in order to place data. In addition, in this study, we compared our proposed method with other algorithms.