Time Slot Allocation Algorithm Based On TDMA Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks



1 Department of Electronic, Computer and IT, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran

2 Head of Education & National Scientific and International Scientific Cooperation Department at CyberSpace Research Institute, Iran, Tehran


In recent years, many researchers have been done in the area of wireless sensor networks that has led to the variety of algorithms and methods for the collection and transmission of environment information; but still many challenges faced by wireless sensor networks using methodologies are applied in various fields. Such as Media Access Control that due to the media being shared on these networks, there is a possibility of collision and data loss. Since the retransmission increases network latency and consequently reduces network energy, therefore various solutions have been proposed for media access control that their main purpose is media access control and prevention of collisions. Hence media access control protocols requirement, more and more felt. In this study, a free collision algorithm with the acceptable ability to media access channel is presented in which we have tried to reduce the number of time slots and increase the network throughput as much as possible.