Presenting a Method of Scheduling the Access to Data Relating to V-I in VANET


Today, vehicular Ad-hoc Network between automobiles has been accepted by the public, and many people are interested in exchanging information with other vehicles as well as with roadside equipment while driving. When a number of vehicles want to access to the data stored in RSU ,the priority of servicing comes into face .In this case, some  methods, such as D*S, D*S/N,  have been presented so far .In this essay, in addition to investigating these methods ,a new one has been suggested which ,by using the information of the vehicle speed and GPS data ,computes the time in which vehicle is under RSU coverage zone, and if only (t1)excesses the time required for data  transferring , the service will be requested .So,  it ensures that the data transmission will be done before exiting the vehicle from the RSU coverage zone .We have used NS2 method to evaluate the efficiency of the suggested method. The results of the simulation show that the suggested method has enhanced the efficiency up to 25%.