Optimality of the flexible job shop scheduling system based on Gravitational Search Algorithm


The Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem (FJSP) is one of the most general and difficult of all traditional scheduling problems. The Flexible Job Shop Problem (FJSP) is an extension of the classical job shop scheduling problem which allows an operation to be processed by any machine from a given set. The problem is to assign each operation to a machine and to order the operations on the machines, such that the maximal completion time (makespan) of all operations is minimized. The scheduling objective minimizes the maximal completion time of all the operations, which is denoted by Makespan. The goal of this research is to develop an efficient scheduling method based on Gravitational local search algorithm to address FJSP. we could reduce scheduling time and costs by transferring and delivering operations on existing machines, that is among NP-hard problems. Different methods and algorithms have been presented for solving this problem. Having a reasonable scheduled production system has significant influence on improving effectiveness and attaining to organization goals. In this paper, we design algorithm were proposed for flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP-GSA), that is based on Gravitational search algorithm (GSA). The experimental results showed that the proposed method has reasonable performance in comparison with other algorithms.