Elicitation Strategies for Web Application Using Activity Theory


Requirements engineering (RE) is often seen as an essential facet in software development. It is a vital process before each project starts. In the context of systems engineering, an understanding and application of systems theory and practice is also relevant to RE. The contexts in which RE takes place habitually involve human activities. Therefore, RE needs to be sensitive to how people perceive and understand the world around them, how they interact, and how the sociology of the workplace affects their actions. This paper will propose a new approach in requirements elicitation process by considering the human intervention in each activity involve with the development process. Web application development requires proper elicitation process because it has its own distinctive features. Without proper elicitation process, the requirements will turn to be inaccurate and incomplete thus will increase the ambiguity. Therefore, this paper will examine the role of the activity theory in order to decrease the impact of the said problems or to avoid them. Some analysis will be made over the theory in order to discover its sustainability in promoting and maintaining the quality of the requirements, with the aim to underline better way of eliciting the requirements for the Web application.