Keywords = Fuzzy logic
Number of Articles: 4
1. A Parallel Implementation of Modified Fuzzy Logic for Breast Cancer Detection

Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2016, Pages 139-148

Farnaz Hoseini; Asadollah Shahbahrami; Anaram Yaghoobi Notash; Peyman Bayat

2. Evaluation of reliability of object-oriented systems based on Cohesion and Coupling Fuzzy computing

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2015, Pages 85-99

Samira Kalantari; Masoomeh Alizadeh; Homayoun Motameni

3. Fuzzy Threat Assessment on Service Availability with Data Fusion Approach

Volume 5, Issue 4, Autumn 2014, Pages 79-90

Amin Sardeh Moghadam; Behzad Moshiri

4. A Routing Algorithm based on Fuzzy Clustering and Minimum Cost Tree (FCMCT) in Wireless Sensor Network

Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2014, Pages 113-123

Maryam Javaherian; Abolfazl T.Haghighat